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Let EventInsight's technology work for you to make your event even more relevant, unique and distinctive!

Prior to your event, we will look at exactly what you need and create a unique visitor experience together.

Encourage Networking

For many people, talking, gaining, and meeting relevant connections is the reason to visit events. Offer your visitors added value by supporting them with this.

Shake to connect, automatic matchmaking, and our appointment module are just a few examples of how we can help.

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Use data insight

Your event's relevance is important. Make sure you know how your event remains relevant and that you are always at the forefront.

With pro-active support and help, our Event Consultants ensure that our tool works for you and provides insight into data. Together we can make your event even better.

Sponsor visibility

Make the ROI clear to your sponsors. Provide information about what sponsors actually get out of their visit to the exhibition.

Advertisements lead to actions that can be expressed as hard numbers instead of blanks. This way you can offer more to sponsors!

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EventInsight in short

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Measurable KPI's

Use your own app to make new KPI's measurable. Express KPI's in hard figures to demonstrate the ROI of your event.

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Immediate feedback

Understanding what's important to your visitors about your event is crucial. You want to receive this immediately, in a specific way, and during the day in order for the relevance of your event to become clear.

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Make data work

Strengthen your business case for current and future exhibitors. Make the added value clear to (potential) exhibitors.

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Start the event experience

Make sure that your visitors get involved in your event more effectively and for longer. Before, during and after the event, involve visitors and turn them into participants.

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For participants, getting in touch with one another is one of the most important reason to visit live events. Make sure they get more and more relevant connections.

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Final report

After the event you will receive an extensive report with the relevant statistics. Together we ensure that you can focus on your event and that the data is ready afterwards.

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