How HUYD and EventInsight together organized the largest and most innovative event of the year 2018 in the field of cosmetic skin care.

Groningen, Netherlands
Skin care
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About HUYD HUYD, established in 2015 by Roos Visser and Kim van der Meer, annually organise the HUYD conference. About 750 skin-therapists, beauticians, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons visited this congres to gain new insights about their work field.

Issues The organization of HUYD wanted to create more interaction between participants and exhibitors. The main reason for this was that they wanted to add more value to their event, in the hope it would also lead to an increase of visitors the next year The organization furthermore wanted to get some more raw data they could exploit during next editions. This data has to convince new prospects to visit the congress next year.

More interaction between visitors and exhibitors Last year to Kim and Roos stood out that during the day big parties of visitors grouped together. This led to a decline in interaction between different visitors, everyone stayed with their own group. By implementing the EventInsight application the interaction between different groups inclined again. Due to this incline, more individual interests could be discovered. As a result of this rise, the interaction between exhibitors and visitors grew as well, due to the fact more of the right people came in contact with each other. By using the match-functionalities, which is a possibility to include in the application, Kim and Roos were able to randomly match visitors with each other. This led to new connections visitors wouldn’t have thought of at the beginning of the event.

Gathering quantitative and qualitative data By gathering more raw data, Kim and Roos wanted to improve their overall evaluation of the event. Which things went good? What should we do different next year? The raw data was also used to create a new powerful businesscase. This could be used in upcoming years to persuade new exhibitors to visit their event. By using the EventInsight app the following data could be gathered:

  • How many new contacts generates an exhibitor?
  • Which exhibitor was the most populair? Which exhibitor needs a little bit more attention next year?
  • Whom were the most visited speakers?
  • How many mutual interactions were there between visitors?
  • What was the overall opinion of the visitors about the conference?

Resulting: the Application With a download percentage of 93,9% (631 of 672 visitors) the application was a huge succes. The majority of the visitors even downloaded the application a week before the conference started! Taking into account that 1568 connections were made and 3638 messages were send, we could state the application was used extensively. Overall the interaction rose between visitors and exhibitioners, which ultimately was the intention of using the application Visitor HUYD 2018: “by using the application i came in contact with professionals i’ve never known before. Professionals whom i’ve been working with for 15 years, but never have spoken before”. Users of the application were also able to get an export of the people whom they have spoken with, or saw during the conference.

Results: collaboration Kim and Roos (organizers Huyd): “The collaboration with EventInsight was excellent. The amount of interactions between us was exactly right before the congress and when we had questions, EventInsight assisted us perfectly. The application was totally branded for our congress, but that didn’t cost us extra time.”

Bas Krijgsman (support EventInsight): “The feedback from Roos and Kim helped us developing a feature which makes it possible for organizers to send push notifications directly from their smartphone. From now on it is even possible to schedule push notifications beforehand!”

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