The organisers of EventSummit wanted to offer their participants and exhibitors more opportunities to get in touch with one another. Read here how they were able to achieve this!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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About EventSummit

Joris and Arjen organise the EventSummit yearly. EventSummit is the biggest one-day platform for the entire event industry.

A large trading floor, seminars with 30 speakers, the 'Make a difference' congress, network drinks with thousands of professionals and an after party. The day that you as an event progressional simply cannot miss

The issue

The organisers of EventSummit wanted to offer their participants and exhibitors more opportunities to get in touch with one another.

They also wanted to ensure that participants could use their time at the fair as efficiently as possible in order to get the most out of their visit.

More networking and a better exhibition experience

From previous years, it had become clear that networking at the fair was one of the most important reasons for people to come, so Joris and Arjen wanted to encourage networking.

Because EventSummit is a one-day event, it is important that people get the most out of their day, something EventSummit want to support people with.

The EventSummit app, developed by EventInsight, made it easier for people to get in touch with one another before during, and after the fair. Initial contacts were made before the fair and missed contacts were followed up via the app after the fair ended.

In addition, the interactive floor plan made the visit easier for visitors.

Building EventSummit's business case

Receiving feedback from participants and collecting data about networking has never been easier than with the application. Its in this way that EventSummit want to find out what is happening and build a very strong business case. It will be easier to improve the event and to find exhibitors for EventSummit 2020.

EventSummit wanted to collect the following information: - How many contacts does each exhibitor make? - Which exhibitor is the most popular? Which exhibitor needs extra attention for next year? - Who were the best speakers? - How much networking is there between participants? - What do participants think about EventSummit?

Result: The EventSummit app

With a download percentage of 73.3% (4512 out of 6158) the app is a resounding success. Most visitors had already downloaded the app from EventSummit for several days.

With 7509 connections made, and 18,124 instant messages sent in 6072 different chats, there was active networking.

Networking has become more accessible and easier, one of EventSummit's main goals. EventSummit participant: ''The app allowed me to approach exhibitors, record my connections, and expand my network''.

In addition, 1445 people provided feedback via the EventSummit app. This painted a better picture of the day.

EventSummit's business case

The 1445 participants that fed back to EventSummit gave an average of 3.93/5.00 stars using the evaluation tool in the app.

It also became clear that exhibitors gained an average of 33 contacts, making it easier to see what the ROI of an exhibitor is.

Through EventSummit's built up business case, Joris and Arjen have got the exact insight into what went well during EventSummit, and what could be improved next year.

Result: The co-operation

Joris Bots (EventSummit organiser): ''The co-operation with EventInsight went beyond expectations. I was with Bas and the other support guys included in the things we had to pick up. They thought of everything so we could use a successful app without any worries.''

Bas Krijgsman (EventInsight Support): ''It was very nice to work with Joris and to be carried away by him in his enthusiasm. In the end we achieved a fantastic result, which we hope to be able to repeat next year!''

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