Live badge printing with butterfly badges

15 January

Live badge printing with butterfly badges

In 2017, we developed a powerful event app together with 12 (trade) exhibitions and congresses. The app encourages networking, connections, and creates data insight. We're expanding rapidly and in 2019 worked with over 120 exhibitors and congresses. Alongside the personalised event app, we've also been offering live badge printing since 2019.

We noticed at several exhibitions and congresses that check-ins and handing out badges often wasn't a streamlined process, for example there were long queues at the entrance and visitors were forgetting to print there badges or tickets. The check-in process took too long because the different systems being used weren't properly connected to one another. This often couldn't be solved quickly on the spot, which meant that visitors could only enter the event after a long wait or didn't have a name badge on the day itself.

EventInsight lowers networking barriers at an exhibit or conference. We offer a personalised app, but now also offer live badge printing! This way, we can print name badges for visitors live on location. This is the first hardware-free badge printing solution in the event industry. You only need a printer, a laptop, and a mobile phone and you can start! Use any device at an location. Thanks to live badge printing, you can adjust visitor information on the spot and react quickly and flexibly to changes. This ensures an efficiently organised check-in.


We made the check in process more efficient for you, lowering networking barriers for the visitors and additionally, the app connects flawlessly to the badges. If you scan another visitors badge with the app then you'll exchange contact details directly.

Live badge printing is the first badge printing solution by EventInsight. Via tests with a variety of exhibitions and congresses, we've been able to develop badge printing so that it's live. In 2020, we had a new development within live badge printing: Butterfly badges. These are ideal because the name badges are printed on special butterfly paper. These are also good for the environment because there is no need for a plastic sleeve!

''Thanks to live badge printing with the butterfly badges, the check in went perfectly and visitors didn't have to wait.''

On the 18th December, we tested the first butterfly badges at the Solarplaza Winter Event in Russia. We supported and advised the organisers remotely. Printing the badge was quick and without problems! As a result, Solar Plaza have decided to use live badge printing with the butterfly badges at all of their other events as well.

From now on, there will be no more queues or poorly connected systems, rather efficient, easy, and sustainable badge printing!


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