EventInsight FastBoarding

19 January 2019

EventInsight FastBoarding

We've all been there once before: You've downloaded an app and need to log in, which e-mail address did you use to register? Which of my passwords or registration codes do I need to get into this app? Or have I even downloaded the right app in the first place? These frustrations can be the difference between a user downloading the app or not. And this would be such a shame because at EventInsight, for example, you're missing out on all the essential networking opportunities our app has to offer. This should be simpler, and that's exactly what we've done. Say hello to EventInsight FastBoarding and start networking straight away!

Logging in is essential

The most obvious option ''Delete login'' should unfortunately not be possible. As an app user you want to see who is coming to the event in order to make all of your connections in advance. Which people are of interest? Which acquaintances from my network will be in attendance at the event? Or who was I expecting to come but now isn't, so I can still tell them that they're missing this great day? All data must also remain secure. After all, we only want to give access to the data to the right people, and as a participant you also want to be able to determine to whom you share this information.

Deferred deeplinking

We can make things a lot easier by sending every user their own special link that's unique for everyone and therefore works like a fingerprint. When you click on this link, our system recognises which operating system you are using and sends you directly to the correct app store. Have you already downloaded the app? Then the link will instead open the app on your device. When accessing our website, your fingerprint is automatically saved so you can retrieve it at a later time. This technique is called deferred deeplinking. You link to a specific page within the app, but you don't do this directly (deferred). After all, the user is first sent to the app store. After our app (or the branded congress/event app) has been installed, the user is asked if they want to log in immediately. Then before you know it, you'll be logged in to your personal profile and be able to respond to the messages you've received from other visitors!

Scan & Login

For those who don't have an e-mail to hand, there is a second option: Scanning your own badge, and it will also make sure you end up in the right app store. Already downloaded the app? Again you then log in immediately! Safe? Of course, we don't want you to be able to just get into each other's accounts by scanning a badge. That's why a security question is asked, and if we notice anything suspicious, there will be additional security checks on top of that.

We are proud!

The smiles on faces when our users see how easy FastBoarding works make us so happy.

From here on out: No more incorrect apps downloaded, no more incorrect e-mail addresses, and no more forgotten passwords. But also maintaining a good user experience; more networking, more interaction, and certainly more insight!

Want to try it for yourself?

Do you want to see how this works for yourself? Please contact us and we will send you a personal link!


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