For us, an event is a success when the participants, exhibitors and the organization are all satisfied.

Our app encourages interaction and provides insight into data, so you can focus on what's truly important.

Your event

What exactly does the app do?

An indispensable element for your event.

EventInsight involves participants in your event through interactive functionalities. This creates a whole new experience for the organization, participating companies and visitors.

  • Visitor behavior

    Our app provides insight into new data at your event. Put differently, you know exactly who comes to your event, who has been there before, which speakers or exhibitors the participants visited and what rating they gave specific events.

  • Personal schedules

    The visitor registers for an event through the app and a personalized agenda is generated. With our floor plan, the participant knows exactly where he/she has to be and how long it takes to get there.

  • Interactivity

    Direct contact between visitors, exhibitors, sponsors and organization through chat and push functions. Do you have news, last minute updates or want to hold a survey? Through these functions you will come in direct contact with your visitors.

  • Networking

    Are you familiar with the situation where you want to talk to an exhibitor, but he/she is hard to reach during the event? Through our date function you can easily schedule in an appointment and perfectly plan your visits. Of course, you schedule your appointments through the note function.

  • Lead generation

    Through QR technology you can easily generate relevant leads. You talk to a participant or sponsor and simply scan his/her badge. Through the note function you can register appointments and stay in touch with your potential business partner after the event.

  • Final report

    Our favorite? After the event we provide your with an extensive report with relevant statistics, so you know exactly what has taken place. This can be very interesting for you as organizers, but also for the exhibitors or sponsors.


A young team with creative and innovative people

Happy customers make us happy

Nothing is more fun than receiving positive feedback. That is why our team works hard every day on improvements to achieve your targets.

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say about us

Through our app the participants had all the information at hand. Participants could find all information about the event in the app and were very positive about the app's functions!

Luc Giesen

The app's introduction was a great success! We got a lot of positive feedback from our participants and great insight in the mutual communication after the event.

Bart de Groot
Conference Center The Netherlands

Our packages

We like to keep it simple, even the price. Standard packages with premium service and 100% satisfaction.


up to 250 users

For a streamlined organization of your event with all basic functions in one package.

  • Personalized app
  • Event registration
  • General and personal schedules
  • Chat function
  • News Overview
  • Networking through QR technology
  • Floor plan
  • Survey and poll
  • Final report in Microsoft Excel


up to 1,000 users

Offer premium functions for your organization, your participants and sponsors to increase the overall added value.

  • All Essential functions, including:
  • Workshop registration
  • Filling app by EventInsight
  • Date function
  • Connection with social media
  • Advertisement space for sponsors
  • Design banner
  • Live poll with instant result
  • Custom design final report


up to 25,000 users

Get the most out of your event with our ultimate package.

  • All Plus functions, including:
  • Training admin panel on-site
  • App assistance on location
  • 1,000 custom badges
  • 2 extra banners
  • Unlimited support

Container app? Save up to 40% per app!

Are you organizing multiple events a year? Then a container app might be something for you. Your own personalized app for multiple events. That saves you money and, more importantly, time... A lot of time.

How many times a year do you organize an event?

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In August 2017 I'm approached by the boys at Almanapp if I want to work with them on a new concept; EventInsight, an app for congresses and conventions.

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Bas Krijgsman
EventInsight is born!

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